The Coming of Age of Grace

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“Finding your way home begins with finally accepting first yourself and then the world around you”

This is a quote from the beginning of the final chapter of Fifty& Fabulous; The Best Years of a Woman’s Life.

In this chapter titled The Coming of Age of Grace I introduce the most remarkable finding of my interviews with the Women of the Harvest; the perfection of each stage of a woman’s life and the fact that the arc of life is one of transcendent transformation.

This was the most difficult part of the book to write. I was very moved by what was revealed to me in the interviews and I felt an acute burden to transcribe this accurately. How do you accurately describe anything that is abstract? You can only skim the surface of it with words and so much more of what it is lies behind the words we have to craft our descriptions

I was also challenged to present what I describe as a woman’s natural spiritual journey in life in a way that would not alienate readers. There are some who have no interest in the world of the spirit or who are even more actively opposed to anything that hints at a god or religion.

I hope I have presented the Age of Grace in a way that it can be included in the optional perspective on life after 50 which I offer all my readers. I also hope that I have honoured what The Woman of the Harvest told me and invited deeper exploration of this topic if the reader is so inclined.

On February 20th while in London for the release of Fifty& Fabulous; The Best Years of a Woman’s Life, I was interviewed by Conscious TV. Conscious TV is a UK internet TV station whose programming explores

an eclectic mix of interviews with teachers, authors and spiritual leaders from around the world.

I was very pleased by their invitation to be interviewed to explore my spiritual journey and my path to the book. Most of the interest in the book so far has investigated the much more pragmatic application of the findings of my interviews. It is good to shine a little light on the final chapters of the book and to explore what they may bring to the reader.

This was my first TV interview in quite a few years and I look quite terrified at the beginning…so if you watch this be kind!

My interview is listed under Life Stories- Authors- Jaki Scarcello

Click here to check it out.

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