The New Generation of Chick Flicks

May 24, 2010  |  Uncategorized

Remember when a chick flick was a cute romantic movie about a girl looking for, finding and living happily ever after with, a guy
OK some of those were fun
They still make lots of those movies. But it seems my 50+ film tastes have changed. I wonder if this has anything to do with hormones…everything else seems to. Well whatever the cause…I am on the hunt for something more than sweet romance on the big screen.
As I lean back on the couch and dive into the home popped corn in the big red bowl that I bought my for my husband because I wanted it, I have matured expectations for what will roll out before me.
I want to see my sisters portrayed on the screen as
…because that is what we are at this age. I want to see women just like me and my friends working their way through story lines which are stunningly entertaining…so not at all like my life!
Below is my list of favs.
Out of Africa
Shirley Valentine
Its Complicated
Calendar Girls
Private Lives of Pippa Lee

What are your favorites?

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