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A few months back on my campaign for fabulous and fearless aging I met Deborah Williams the founder of Grace, a Toronto based business which helps women “feel good when they look in the mirror and age with grace.”
Deborah and I immediately hit it off because we have the same goals. To help women feel great no matter what their make or model year.
As we age our faces are changing and of course we still want to put out our best look so maybe we just need to change some of our old habits.
I asked Deborah to provide me with some tips I could share with my blog readers. I was surprised at some of the things she had to say…who would have thought? This is why it is often wise to consult the experts… like Deborah

“When I give my workshops and presentations to midlife women,” says Deborah Williams,
founder of GRACE, “the question they all want answers to is can they turn the clock back? My
answer is always almost. Time marches on, but there’s a lot you can do with the colors you wear
and makeup choices and application to make you look as good as you ever did. Some clients tell
me they’ve never looked better! The way to do this is with color and care, and by forgetting
what used to work for you at 18 or even 28 and learning what will work for you now.”
Five tips to give you a head start on aging (gracefully) with GRACE:
1. Know your colors. For this you may need to consult an expert (Deborah at or a book and determine whether you’re winter, summer, spring,
or fall. You may remember when this was the hot thing to do and it still should be. Wearing
the colors that suit you make you look brighter, fresher, younger, and bring out your best.
Your season is one of the factors that determines the colors you should use on your face,
particularly for your eyes and your lips. However, note that as you age your colors may
change. If you were a winter when you were 18, you might be a fall now depending on skin
tone and hair shade!
2. Go softer. Don’t use the heavy streak of Cleopatra black eyeliner that may have worked in
the past. Ninety percent of the time, the color used in your brows should be the color used
as the first contour to shape your eye.
3. Roots, please. You want eyelashes to frame your eye, not spider webs. To achieve this,
apply mascara to the roots only to give a lustrous look and pull the brush up and out of the
eye to open it up, don’t ‘ski’ down over the top of the lashes.
4. Outside only. Don’t use mascara on the inner eye eyelashes (closest to your nose!). This
tends to draw attention to the heaviness in the eye bag.
5. Glow with blush. Don’t use blush to shape your face as you may have done in the past. Just
dust lightly on the apple of the cheeks to give a healthy glow.
Deborah Williams works in film and TV to make celebrities and on-screen personalities look
good and she does the same with her clients. Deborah founded GRACE to help women look
good with makeup as they age and gives workshops and seminars on request. A book is in the
works. Please check the website to keep up to
To schedule a workshop or personal (or group) consultation, contact GRACE.
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