The Beauty of Aging

The Beauty of Aging

December 1, 2010  |  Uncategorized

I have a very strong feeling of connection with everything that is alive and the importance of now’
Hedda 100 years wise

OK I have to admit when it comes to older women I get inspired pretty easily. I am a pushover for a stunning aged face which beams light and joy and wisdom. I can spend hours listening to a 90 year old tell me why this is the best time of her life. So when I discovered this film “The Beauty of Aging” by Laurie Schur I was elated.(click here for more info)
I sometimes think that I am making up all this stuff about “the gifts of aging” Because no matter how much I talk about it seven other people try to tell me it is more important to postpone my aging, protest against it and work to and defy it. Well now we have cinematic proof that what I am on about in Fifty & Fabulous! and what the infamous members of the Fiftyfab Rogues Gallery have been trying to tell us for years, is true.

There is available to us a developmental possibility which begins at 50 and really ramps up at 80.

…and The Beauty of Aging will show you just how worthwhile the pursuit of that possibility can be.

Ms. Schur’s masterpiece is not about about “sweet old things” far from it, to quote Fifty & Fabulous, “Don’t imagine that I am describing a docile porch swing full of blissed-out 90-year-olds. These gals may well be the cantankerous, rowdy ones. That sparkle in their eyes is pure energy, and remember, they don’t really care if you approve or not!”

The Beauty of Aging is described on its website as:
a film about perspective
a film about loss
a film about sex
a film about attitude
and then the real surprise… a film about life after 80

Why is this film so important? Because the message is clear…aging is not just about physical decline and loss. Our senior years, no matter where you draw that line, is not a second class stage of life. It is a unique stage of human development that is available to us as a rich time of opportunity for exploring life and ourselves in a way which we have never explored before.
If this message is heard and adopted as a norm then we will improve the quality of life of those 50+, increase the quantity of wisdom available in our society and provide our youth with boundless hope for their future. Do you think this may be a worthwhile pursuit?
But beware you can show up for your senior years and miss it all. Your attitude, your fears and a negative perspective can blind you and leave you tired, worn out and bitter about what did or did not happen in the past and about what is or is not happening now.
The Beauty of Aging offers an alternative view on your post 80 years. My experience tells me this view is the truth but you need to decide for yourself. This film, like my book does not offer the magic secrets for how to attain that view but it introduces you to some amazing women who have it.
Just maybe it will rub off on us all.

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  1. What a lovely post Jaki, the more films like the Beauty of Aging, and books like yours help to show aging as a positive and enlightening journey, the more we can help to change perceptions and reduce the fear of ageing.