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Some women dread the approach of their fiftieth birthday, fearing it’s goodbye to good times and good looks. Others barely notice the transition: they know how to welcome each age for its particular blessings. These are the women who aren’t trying to turn back the clock,. These are the women who are reaping the fruits of a life well lived, recognizing and receiving the real gifts that ‘fifty-plus’ brings. These are women for whom being fifty or over means more—not less.

Drawing on her own experience, as well as exhaustive research into other women’s stories—a series of interviews conducted in five countries—Jaki Scarcello shows with wisdom and wit how changing our attitudes toward aging can bring about a ‘virtuous cycle’ of rejuvenation. Women who know this embrace the years after 50 with a spirit of optimism and energy that is truly liberating. They understand that in maturity a woman has the potential for genuine elegance, a beauty more than skin-deep that sparkles confidently and generously from the eyes, and a whole new brand of personal sexiness. On a deeper level, they possess a secret power and joy, which radiates outward into the world and illuminates everyone around them.

These women who blossom in their 50s know that their time of life is a time of grace, and that it’s richer and more ripe with possibility now than than at any other time in our history. Through their stories runs a common thread of spiritual transformation—the harvest of a good life when it starts to divest itself of youth’s superficial anxieties. In the space that opens up beyond 50, experience and potential form a perfect fusion: this is the most fertile ground a woman ever knows.


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Fifty & Fabulous nudges us from worry to wonder, from futile to fertile, from downward to homeward in just 224 pages.

-Sue Baechler—58, New Mexico
CEO Originaliti Media Inc

Reading Fifty and Fabulous left me savoring the delicious feeling that I am not alone. Perhaps I am not as conventionally attractive as I once was, but I am TONS wiser, a good bit happier, more content and hugely more hopeful about the future than at any time in my history. Thanks Jaki for articulating a new normal for the over Fifty and Fabulous.

Ethel Taylor—57, Toronto
President Black’s Photo Corporation

If you’re expecting a self-help book, forget it. This is a reflective journey that abandons self-improvement and embraces the reality that in this stage of life we are more than enough.  As someone for whom 50 is fast approaching, it’s exciting to gain the perspective that striving for external validation is out; internal knowing is in.  Pass the champagne and light the birthday candles!


-Elizabeth—46, Toronto

As a child, a young woman, and now in my 8th decade, I recall my mother telling me that the road to grace was thru awkwardness. I never quite believed it, until I read Jaki Scarcello’s “Fifty and Fabulous”. It inspired me to truly believe grace awaits us all and it is present in each blink of the eye and beat of the heart.

Dr Tessa Warschaw—76, Los Angeles
Founder and President, Big-Thinking Women, Unltd.

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