Fantasies and Realities

So the new year begins, this year I turn 67, last year I got two new granddaughters, today is the anniversary of my father’s death, next week is my husband’s birthday and so it goes, on and on. One moment there is joy, the next my heart breaks, in between there is peace or ennui. […]

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Happiness Is

2017! It seems much further along the timeline than 12 months from last New Years Day. But 2016 was one full year! It broke my heart with loss and it filled that same broken vessel with new birth and joy. Those 12 months were quite the roller coaster ride and I have come through a […]

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Mr. Cohen, The Gentleman

The courtly manners of a gentleman are rarely experienced and the last place I had expected to find them was in the in the kingdom of the famous. And then I met Leonard Cohen. He had been a mysterious, distant character in the script of my childhood. Then I read Beautiful Losers and his poetry […]

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Meditation for International Women’s Day

I woke up this morning in the tail end of a disturbed dream. You know the sort – when the last scene actually plays out in your waking state. I was on an operating table about to undergo surgery which I was unlikely to survive. The anesthetist placed the mask on my face and as […]

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Just One Last Entry on the Camino

People have asked me – what did it feel like to be done? This was my last journal entry. When I reached the final destination, Catedral de Santiago de Compostela, I sat on the square and cried. Now settled in the hotel I feel “off the Camino ” and I don’t want to walk on […]

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Last Day on the Way, October 25

I fell asleep last night at 7:30 so here I am wide awake at 5:30AM and the clocks changed last night so maybe it is only 4:30AM. Today is my last day on the Camino de Santiago. Twelve days, alone, moving on the path, experiencing whatever shows up, uninterrupted, unhurried. This morning there is gratitude […]

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Thoughts on Reentry,October 23

Today’s path was mostly on the road, tougher on the feet but it gave me an opportunity to observe from my place on the Camino into the lives of others not on the Camino. That got me thinking about my own reentry and what it will be like not to be on this path in […]

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Threads Which Bind Us, Oct 23

I had a dream last night in which I was kissing a handsome young man and no, it was not the handsome young waiter who offered his help yesterday. Don’t get excited! It was not a sexy fantasy but rather a sweet and deep connection of two people. The kiss was barely a touch. This […]

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Early Morning Honesty, October 22

Each day I pray to get through the day without being self seeking, dishonest and self pitying. On reflection this morning after my prayer I realized that for me dishonesty and self seeking are often the same thing. My dishonesty takes the form of misrepresenting myself, not being clear about or hiding what I want, […]

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Today I walked with Grace, October 20

Today was my second day walking backwards on the Fisterre Way of the Camino de Santiago. I am returning to Santiago de Compostela where I began this trek. As I walked today I passed a few people walking to Fisterre but not one person walking the same direction that I was, the same was true […]

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