Bad Hairy Days and Fears, October 19

Today, according to my metaphorical route plan, is the first day of the rest of my life. Well so far it has been a bit of a slog, rain and strong wind, very sore knees and my feet have started to ache now as well. I left without breakfast from a hotel which did not […]

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What Happens at the End of the World, October 18

Fisterre means “the end of the world” and when you stand at the lighthouse on the rocks facing only the endless ocean, you can understand how this place got its name in ancient times. Cabo Fisterre has been the subject of mythical tales and though it is pagan in origin it has become a special […]

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The Italian Connection- October 18

A few days ago I came upon a woman walking with a man, most likely her partner and a younger man, perhaps a son. The”husband” was sort of Italian grumpy, the “son” not so grumpy but reticent. The woman was vibrant and wide open. She and I exchanged just a glance. We shared a mutual […]

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The Camino Reveals – October 17

The human experience is amazing and we are the most fortunate of creatures for it is ours in all its messy, painful, hilarious, joyous, ugly and radiant forms. But there comes a time in life when we naturally begin to seek the experience of our origin. I think this process happens with age because it […]

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It Starts to Fall Away, October 16

I have not come upon many wayside chapels and this had been a disappointment but today such a space began to grow as a real desire. I started the day walking with a young man from Korea who told me he was walking the Camino because he was going through a divorce and he thought […]

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Trust God and Read the Taxi Signs, Oct. 15

I set off at 9:30AM, not exactly the crack of dawn you say? The sun does not rise until 9:00 so this was an early start by late October standards. I had stayed last night in a lovely Casa rural known as Case De Bola. My host was a young man who had been so […]

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My Journey Home to Myself,12 Days on the Camino de Santiago

My Journey Home to Myself – 12 Days on the Camino de Santiago I arrived in Santiago de Compostela on October 13 to begin my journey on the Camino de Santiago. I had chosen the Camino Finisterre route, the original pagan Camino which is a 200KM path beginning and ending in Santiago de Compostela. Over […]

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Celebrate Women the Kiva Way!

Last year on International Women’s Day,I shared with you the work of an innovative philanthropic organization called Kiva. Kiva connects people through $25 loans and facilitates our ability to celebrate women by supporting the dreams of our sisters in need. This year Kiva is making an incredible offer- a free trial loan for my readers! […]

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Last Longing

Longing is a desire for something distant or unattainable.   Don’t we spend our lives longing,seeking,desiring for…? It could be love or power or money or prestige. It could be position or freedom or peace. Satisfaction is a fleeting human state and even that we long for at some point in our lives. What will […]

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Creativity Comes From Living!

Our journey to creativity begins in many different ways. In the following guest post Susan De Garmo tells us how she sweated and exploded her way into her creative self. Susan’s book “Many Paws” is an altered book and in it Susan explains that “an altered book is a form of mixed media artwork that […]

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