Are you ready to look at aging in a way

you never imagined was possible?

Fifty+ Fabulation Event

A Day for Women Aged 50 -150

Are you ready to look at aging in a way you never imagined was possible? When you think about your next birthday do you feel Fabulous? Or, like many women, are you confused and perplexed about life on the other side of the big 50? Many women 50+ wrestle with the changes occurring at this stage of their lives. But women find strength and power in a community of shared experience and in coming together with others to investigate options. So Jaki created Fifty+ Fabulation Events to help you discover the power, freedom and peace available to you in life 50+. This event will introduce and explore the findings of Jaki’s book Fifty & Fabulous! and the research of Dr Lars Tornstam on Gerotranscendence.

The Fifty+ Fabulation Event is designed to:
Explore the potential of life 50+

  • Answer the questions that haunt women as they come to terms with the inevitable changes which result from aging. Who am I now? How do I want to live?
    What is my role in life?
  • Change your perspective on aging and to bring you fearlessly, fabulously and comfortably into your own skin, no matter what its make or model.
  • Celebrate your current age.
  • Strengthen your ability to welcome life as a continuously evolving and changing journey.

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Participants speak out

“This was a life affirming experience. It will help me greatly with taking the next steps in my life.”
-Dianalyn, 58

“Thank you- you’ve helped me feel more confident about embarking on the next phase of my life.”
-Cynthia, 60

“A thoughtful, provocative experience that encourages women to face their futures fearlessly.”
-Judy, 55






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