Rogues Gallery

Each member of this gallery has called us to let go of youth and reach with passion for the gifts of aging. We call them “rogues” because no one seemed to listen to them but really they are our heroes.

Betty Friedan

Ms Friedan, our guide since youth, suggests that in the 50+ years all the pieces of the self knowledge puzzle come together and a woman’s ability to live a life of purpose becomes limitless.

Fountain of Age  1993

Carl Jung

Mr. Jung brings his considerable wisdom about human development to the topic of aging and tells us that it is never too late to enrich your life with self knowledge.

Modern Man in Search of a Soul

Joan Erikson

Ms Erikson challenges us to maintain a sense of participation in life at every age and her life is proof we can do it.

View video interviews with Joan from Davidson Films.

The Life Cycle Completed Extended Version with New Chapters on the Ninth Stage, 1997

Lars Tornstam

Dr Tornstam’s research offers the over 50 crowd “a developmental possibility” which will definitely change your outlook on your next birthday.

Gerotranscendence, A Developmental Theory of Positive Aging, 2005

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