Vulnerability, Truth and Living Honestly

I have been thinking a lot about honesty lately. Not the kind of honesty that has to do with lying on my taxes. That is “cash register honesty”. It is hard to deny when you are caught red-handed in those situations. I am drawn to consider the more subtle, and I am embarrassed to say, […]

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Go Gray Into the Night and the Day!

When I decided to stop dying my graying hair 15 years ago I had no idea I would be distinguishing myself as a woman of courage in the eyes of my peers. I am surprised and somewhat amused by other people’s reactions to my gray hair. At least once a week a perfect stranger walks […]

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Working with what you have got can be very rewarding

A few months back on my campaign for fabulous and fearless aging I met Deborah Williams the founder of Grace, a Toronto based business which helps women “feel good when they look in the mirror and age with grace.” Deborah and I immediately hit it off because we have the same goals. To help women […]

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