The Beauty of Aging

“ I have a very strong feeling of connection with everything that is alive and the importance of now’ Hedda 100 years wise OK I have to admit when it comes to older women I get inspired pretty easily. I am a pushover for a stunning aged face which beams light and joy and wisdom. […]

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Remembering Marilyn for Her Sparkle

This morning on Twitter Hugh Hefner reminded me that today is the anniversary of the death of Marilyn Monroe. I remember that day so clearly. We,my family and I,were in the car on our way to our weekly Sunday picnic. I loved those Sundays but that is another story. If you are old enough you […]

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Go Gray Into the Night and the Day!

When I decided to stop dying my graying hair 15 years ago I had no idea I would be distinguishing myself as a woman of courage in the eyes of my peers. I am surprised and somewhat amused by other people’s reactions to my gray hair. At least once a week a perfect stranger walks […]

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Yes, Your Sex Drive Is Changing

Recently in my travels to promote my book and to support my campaign for fearless and fabulous aging I have met a number of women who are worried about the affect of aging on their sex drive. I understand this concern because I think our sex drive does change post our 50th birthday. I think […]

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The Tea Ladies of Khartoum, Sudan Came Into My Kitchen Today

Across the world and across our cultures and varying circumstances we share many of the same daily rituals and sometimes we can  be transported into someone else’s parallel moment. The experience can change us forever. This morning in the LA Times I read about the tea ladies of Khartoum. I read about their difficult lives […]

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