Jaki Scarcello is spreading the word about fearless aging

“It is sad to grow old but nice to ripen” -Brigid Bardot, 75

Fabulation: to engage in the creation of fables or magical stories—in this case the story of the rest of your life.

  • We all tell stories; our lives are filled with stories. But why are the stories of aging so often about loss and decline? We are a new generation come to this eventful time. Let Jaki help you to create a new perspective and a fresh story, about the reality of living 50+.
  • You will be will be nudged, ever so gently, from worry to wonder, from futile to fertile and from downward to homeward.
  • What you discover will nourish the rest of your life.

A Great Birthday Gift for a Girlfriend or Sister!

… her message has inspired countless women to dive with zest into their 50+ years and to harvest the gifts of this rich and undervalued time in a woman’s life. Growth in these years is beyond the body and the mind and so it is potentially the most fertile time in a woman’s life.

Jaki says, “It is time to celebrate life 50+ as an important stage of human and spiritual development.”

After publishing Fifty and Fabulous!; The Best Years of a Woman’s Life, (released internationally in the spring of 2010 by Duncan Baird Publishers) Jaki has begun the Fifty+ Fabulation Events. These events are the next step in her campaign to “defy gravity and lift sagging attitudes about aging.” These one day events offer participants from 50 to 150 an opportunity to experience fearless aging and explore the unique wisdom that ripens and comes fully available only with age.

Jaki’s work has always been about the development of human potential. She has spent 30 years listening to and supporting individuals and organizations as a leadership consultant, facilitator and coach working with Fortune 500 companies in Canada and the United States.

The biggest lesson she has taken from those years is: Each stage of life has its own unique energy, and the ability to utilize that energy effectively is vital for success and satisfaction.

Jaki invites you to apply the Fabulation method to your perspective on aging and enjoy the story of the next half of your life.

More information needed? Contact Jaki directly to discuss event participation at: jaki@fiftyfab.com

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