Thoughts on Reentry,October 23

December 14, 2015  |  Uncategorized

Along the way

Today’s path was mostly on the road, tougher on the feet but it gave me an opportunity to observe from my place on the Camino into the lives of others not on the Camino. That got me thinking about my own reentry and what it will be like not to be on this path in just 2 days.
I was stopped beside a car at a narrow bridge, both of us waiting to cross when the way was clear. I looked into the car and saw what appeared to be a mother driving her child to school. She looked so impatient about the wait. I know that face it says, “I have a meeting at 9:30 and I still have to do the school drop and get to the office, come on let’s get moving!”
This is life.

Crop drying in a village garage

In a small village as I passed an open window I heard a man and woman speaking to each other in tones I would describe as argumentative. This is life.
I watched a farmer mucking out his barn, weary in the shoulders as he leaned into it. This too, is life.
I will soon return to my driving routines, my metaphoric barn waiting to be mucked out and I may even pass a cross word or two with my husband, it has been known to happen. This is my life as well.
Will these realities mean that my Camino is gone from me? Will it all be a blur in the past? I don’t know, I hope not but I don’t know. I like to think the flavour of Jaki has changed over these past ten days, changed in a way which has shifted my perspective forever.
We will see if there is truth here or not…

Author on the path

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