A note from Jaki

I am on a mission but I imagine saying that is repeating myself. I think I have made that mission pretty clear on every page of this website.

I want to change the face of aging and to bring women fearlessly, fabulously and comfortably into your own skin, no matter what its make or model.

My career has been about supporting the working lives of baby boomers. I have counseled them in college; I was with them through the workplaces of their thirties, their midlife career changes and now their transition to pre and post retirement activities. The biggest lesson I have learned from those years is; each stage of life has its own unique energy and the ability to utilize that energy effectively is vital for success and satisfaction.

“Nature has generously given women this significant physiological event, menopause, to mark the gateway into the rest of our lives. Yes, those hot flashes are really warning lights. Perhaps the word menopause was originally created to suggest a time to pause for a moment—to think, evaluate, and assess.

-Fifty & Fabulous! The Best Years of a Woman’s Life

For the past 5 years I have been talking to women who embrace aging and I have been researching some renowned and informed minds on the topic of aging e.g. Carl Jung, Betty Friedan, Lars Tornstam, Joan Erikson and I have come to the conclusion that ”The years after 50 are a stage of human development not a stage of decline.“ Now I am committed to help others come to that conclusion for themselves.

I understand where the decline reputation comes from. We feel the first signs of our own physical decline or we observe that decline in others and we panic.

  • We are a body obsessed culture so when the “temple” of the flesh starts to peel paint and endure metaphorical termites we have a very hard time thinking this is going to be a good time in our lives.
  • We have been taught in school that human development ends at 25. This is still a commonly accepted theory in psychology. So we have adopted the belief that the best we can achieve in the rest of our life is to maintain what we gained up to 25 years old.
  • We tend to think that the stage of life we are currently enjoying is the good one, the best one. This is resistance to change clothed in a pseudo positive perspective on the present. It results in our firm belief that what comes next just can’t be as good.
  • We fear death. As long as death is the positioned as what comes after life rather than as an event in life we will fear it .We could excuse the fear of death for its ability to cripple life when we only lived to be 60 or 65 but now with the increase in longevity we have no excuse for letting death destroy the joy of 40 or more years of living we have yet to do.

Because I understand where our negative perspective on aging comes from I also understand that we have a lot of work to do if we are going to change. So let’s get to work. I have decided to add another service to my campaign to change the face of aging: Transition Coaching.

I invite you to work with me one on one to find the answers to the questions you have about this next stage of your life.

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