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Hello, Jaki Scarcello, 59, here to welcome you to

Rule #1: State your age loud
and clear and be proud of it.

There is a uniquely female wisdom that ripens with age. It is nonjudgmental. It is inclusive. It knows love without ownership. It nurtures and it teaches. It bends but does not snap. It is more concerned with the legacy it leaves than with the personal treasures it amasses. Our society needs this wisdom but it will not be available to us until we put our energy into being what we are rather than wasting our energy on the impossible task of being what we once were.

My book Fifty and Fabulous: The Best Years of a Woman’s Life and this website bring you the voices of women 50+ who have embraced their age. I call them “The Women of the Harvest, women readily identified by the sparkle in their eyes—the hallmark of the rich and soulful experience of women who have found freedom later in life.

I will admit that I have an agenda: I am on a mission to change your perspective on growing older.

I intend to defy gravity and lift your sagging attitude towards your next birthday.

There is a no shortage of media coverage on the topic of aging. The baby boomer mass has once again caught the attention of those who have products and services to market. So we jump on the bandwagon and pour our money and energy into looking 20 at 30, 30 at 40 and 40 at 50. It seems we are saying that staying young physically and maintaining a young attitude is the hallmark of success in aging. Well, I’m saying that we are totally missing the point!

Successful aging is not defined by postponing or faking out your next birthday… Read More

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