Common questions Transition Coaching clients ask

Are some of these questions keeping you company when you wake up at night?
Work with Jaki one on one or in a group to find your personal answers to questions like these:

    What is changing in my life as I age?

    How will I respond to the changes and what will the possible impact of my response be on the rest of my life?

    What new values have I grown into as I have aged?

    How do I change my life to live with those values?

    How do I want to live now?

    What do I want to do now?

    What is important to me now and how will I integrate those priorities into my life?

    How can I be part of the campaign to change the face of aging?

    How do I confront ageism in my workplace and society?

    Has my sense of purpose changed?

    Empty nest challenges?-Fill it; redecorate it and what is next?

    How has the girl in me grown up?

    Have I lost my way spiritually?

    Have I found a new spiritual way?

    What do I think now about the old way?

    Where to live next?

    Who to live with?

    What to live with…do I still need all this stuff?

    If I am no longer running a corporation or a school or a website or a …
    what am I doing?

    Who am I now?

    Everything is moving very quickly …how do I manage the pace of change?

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